Flare vs Bell

The nomenclature of bells and flares varies throughout the industry. We follow a simple definition. 1) A flare is a sloping expansion of a tube. They assist in guiding an object or carrier into the pneumatic tube system.  Flares are usually defined by the ID, angle, and lengths.  FLARE  

Busada Group 1 Bends

 Busada Group 1 bends are carefully crafted to meet the requirements for clear, transparent, conveyance systems.  For over 60 years we have developed propitiatory processes that assure roundness, clarity, and accuracy. Unless otherwise specified, bends are bent to a center-line radius with 8" standard tangents.      

Tight Radius U Bend

Pictured to the right is a recent tight-radius bend. Here we have a CAB (butyrate) tube, 6" OD x 5.625" ID 180 Deg on a very tight 16" Center Line Radius. We will remove the tangents before shipping. We have the ability to maintain clarity and reduce ovality to a minimum on these bends.  

Busada Core Tubing

Busada began selling core liner tubing in 1958 for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. CAB tubing has stood the test of time for it is resistant to harsh environments, very transparent, and resists breakage in frigid environments.  

Busada Pipe

Busada butyrate pipe provides excellent transparency, rigidity, weathering and UV stabilization. Whether used in pneumatic conveyance, in water treatment plants, sight glasses, or any number of applications butyrate pipe has a long reputation as the material of choice in demanding environments.  

Rectangular Bends

We fabricate bends in most any angle and radii (up to 96"). We also twist and even provide helices.   

Ready, Set, Takeoff

The Roasting Plant has just opened up a beautiful facility in Denver. We work with Advance Design Solutions to do our small part in this. We make the tubing and bends. The Roasting Plant uses cutting-edge technology in their stores, and the result is truly a mix of art and science. 

Rectangular Tubing Group 4

Rectangular Tubing  Sizes (in)      Busada has a broad range of rectangular tubing used mostly for pneumatic conveyance of packages and bucket-type cups. We also make rectangular sizes to order-- up to 8" square.  We also fabricate rectangular tubing from round stock and can provide prototypes to fit your needs. Call the shop for assistance (540-967-2882).            Use the figure on the right to select your tubing. The inner dimensions (x axis) defines area of cup clearance. Tubing is offered in 20' lengths.

Colored Bends

One of our cup manufacture customers got creative. Their factory was getting congested by an array of clear pneumatic tubing to the point where they could not visibly detect one cup line from the other. Their engineer wanted an easy way to distinguish the lines visibly and asked for colors. We obliged. The tubing pictured to the right was coated with a colorant that adheres, or rather embeds into the tubing for a permanent colorant. It only embeds to the outside wall so it has no effect on the cup or any FDA or ESF compliance. 

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