macro-algae bio-absorption filters

Pax Bellum contacted us regarding their macro-algae bio-absorption filters for the aquaculture and the aquarium industry. The devices use a central light assembly consisting of a plurality of LEDs affixed to a water pipe or heat pipe. They were looking to replace the clear tube separating the LED array from the system water (currently polycarbonate.) After a few months in salt water and going through thermal cycling would cause crazing.  

Snake Bend

Recently one of our customers south of the border had difficulty moving cups through a complex space. We suggested eliminating multiple bends with snake and offset bends. The result was eliminating over 50% of their bends and really neatening up the floor space. Contact us for any pneumatic conveyance needs and we'll put our know-how to work.  

Frosting Stratus Tubing

Our Stratus line is used for LED lighting. Recently we received a request for a frosted tube. The link below gives Eastman's response, but for small extrusion runs we have a Per-Fix solution from Chem Pak. We have other methods, but the Per-Fix 6500 method is ideal for small lots.  First, here is our Troll next to our un-illuminated Stratus 6" OD tube. 

Threading Butyrate Pipe

We still get lots of calls regarding threading of butyrate Pipe. It's one of several ways to connect butyrate to PVC couplings. The days are past when one could purchase butyrate fittings such as elbows and tees, but butyrate pipe can bed connected to metal pipe by means of compression fittings, slip fit and O-ring type plastic-metal adapters. But thread is still a viable way to go. Here we have a young John Busada working outside a 60's station wagon.  

Largest Graduated Cylinder

Pudge is modeling a rather large graduated cylinder here. This 10" OD CAB Butyrate tube is welded to a butyrate base. It will be used to not only measure various liquids, but to monitor pressure ratings for water-tight components.  

We are in the movies

Busada has been making plastics tubing for over 6 decades, but one of our customers, Aerocom Systems, Inc. has over eighty years of design development in pneumatic tube systems worldwide. They recently designed the pneumatic props for a summer film, "Logan Lucky" and our tubing received a leading role. We were amused.   

Sectioned Circular Bend

Every now and then we get a request for a prototype. In this case it was a challenge. We were to produce an air-tight, water-tight sectioned bend with 3" OD tubing on a 15" CLR with a 180 Deg conduit on the outside.  

Flotation Bend

We have manufactured butyrate tubing for marina docs, oceanic core tubes, and other aquatic uses but here is a first.   

Flare vs Bell

The nomenclature of bells and flares varies throughout the industry. We follow a simple definition. 1) A flare is a sloping expansion of a tube. They assist in guiding an object or carrier into the pneumatic tube system.  Flares are usually defined by the ID, angle, and lengths.  FLARE  

Busada Group 1 Bends

 Busada Group 1 bends are carefully crafted to meet the requirements for clear, transparent, conveyance systems.  For over 60 years we have developed propitiatory processes that assure roundness, clarity, and accuracy. Unless otherwise specified, bends are bent to a center-line radius with 8" standard tangents.      

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