Pneumatic Conveyor Tubing & Tubes

Busada Pneumatic Conveyor Tubing & Tubes are the industry choice for pneumatic-conveyance systems that require visual monitoring. We developed Busada 200® pneumatic tubing specifically for anti-static, low drag air-conveyance applications. We add coatings and additives for static dissipation. Air conveyors (pneumatic conveyors) depend upon our transfer tubing for trouble-free materials transport. We set, and have maintained the standard for pneumatic conveyance tubing and air delivery tubes for over 60 years.

  • Clear Pneumatic Tubing 
  • Anti Static, Or Dissipative, Low Drag 
  • Ideal For Industrial Air Transfer
  • Medical & Hospital Air Transfer Tubing 
  • 63 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence
  • Drive-thru Banking
  • Core Tube / Sight Glass / Valve-Stem Protectors / LED Tubing
  • Point of Purchase Display Tubing/ Packaging Tubing Clear Or Tinted

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