Group I Busada 200® Rigid Tubing - 20 foot lengths

Group I Busada 200® Butyrate tubing is stocked in 20 foot lengths. Long-radius bends and transparent connecting sleeves are available for this line of tubing. Thus, complete assemblies of straight lengths, bends and slip-fit external sleeves may be constructed for pneumatic conveying systems. Rectangular sections are also available. For non-stock custom extruded sizes call 1-800-645-7062 or 540-967-2882.

We also make GR1 sizes in Provista (PETG), Tritan, and Polycarbonate to order.

Part# Stock Sizes
T005 2-1/4"OD X 1-7/8"ID
T010 2-3/8"OD X 2"ID
T011 2-1/2"OD X 2-1/8"ID
T015 2-5/8"OD X 2-1/4"ID
T016 2-3/4"OD X 2-3/8"ID
T020 2-7/8"OD X 2-1/2"ID
T025 3"OD X 2-5/8"ID
T030 3-1/8"OD X 2-3/4"ID
T035 3-1/4"OD X 2-7/8"ID
T040 3-3/8"OD X 3"ID
T045 3-3/8"OD X 3-1/16"ID
T050 3-1/2"OD X 3-1/8"ID
T055 3-5/8"OD X 3-1/4"ID
T060 3-3/4"OD X 3-3/8"ID
T065 3-7/8"OD X 3-1/2"ID
T066 3-7/8"OD X 3-17/32"ID
T075 4"OD X 3-5/8"ID
T080 4-1/8"OD X 3-3/4"ID
T085 4-1/4"OD X 3-7/8"ID
T090 4-5/16"OD X 3-15/16"ID
T095 4-3/8"OD X 4"ID
T100 4-7/16"OD X 4-1/32"ID
Part # Stock Sizes
T096 4-1/2"OD X 4-1/8"ID
T105 4-5/8"OD X 4-1/4"ID
T110 4-3/4"OD X 4-3/8"ID
T115 4-7/8"OD X 4-1/2"ID
T120 5"OD X 4-5/8"ID
T125 5-1/8"OD X 4-3/4"ID
T130 5-1/4"OD X 4-7/8"ID
T135 5-3/8"OD X 5"ID
T140 5-1/2"OD X 5-1/8"ID
T145 5-5/8"OD X 5-1/4"ID
T146 5-3/4"OD X 5-3/8"ID
T150 5-7/8"OD X 5-1/2"ID
T160 6"OD X 5-5/8"ID
T161 6-1/8"OD X 5-3/4"ID
T162 6-1/4"OD X 5-7/8"ID
T163 6-3/8"OD X 6"ID
T165 6-1/2"OD X 6-1/8"ID
T167 6-5/8"OD X 6-1/4"ID
T169 7"OD X 6-5/8"ID
T172 7-3.8"OD X 7"ID
T174 7-1/2"OD X 7-1/8"ID
T175 7-5/8"OD X 7-1/4"ID
T185 8"OD X 7-5/8"ID
T195 9"OD X 8-5/8"ID
T200 10"ODC9-5/8"ID



Group I Tubing
prices range from $6.89 - $34.82 per ft.
Group II Tubing
prices range from $7.24 - $56.75 per ft.
210 Pipe
prices range from 3.10 - 44.06 per ft.

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