Busada 200® CAB rigid plastics tubing is remarkably resistant to physical, environmental and chemical assault. It meets optimum specifications from impact strength and physical stress. Extruded from the most weather resistant butyrate compound, it contains additives inhibitors that resist natural and artificial UV radiation. Extensive testing has established that Busada 200® tubing retains its full complement of characteristics - strength, clarity, versatility, interior smoothness - for prolonged periods of exposure to adverse conditions, including many chemicals and reagents. Spec sheets are available upon request.


The inherent clarity of Busada 200® rigid plastics tubing is extraordinary. Both CAB and PETG lines are crystal clear and ideal for applications that rely on visual inspection. Equally important, distortion is minimal - even in ½” wall thicknesses. And the extremely smooth interior of Busada 200® hard clear plastics tubing provides excellent low-drag conveyance advantages. From the manufacture of paper cups to the pneumatic transactions of drive-through banking, it is as if you are working with glass, but with more versatility.


All of the preceding traits of Busada 200® rigid plastics tubing are complimented by its ability to be readily fabricated. Busada 200®'s performance parameters are enhanced by its highly accommodating workability. It can be drilled, sawed, tapped, turned and milled with conventional wood or metal-working tools. It can be sanded, buffed, polished, ashed or sandblasted to acquire virtually any type of surface finish. It can be assembled with solvents, colored with solvents, cemented, and accept threaded inserts, screws and other techniques. And it can even be engraved or silk screened. We have lots of examples in our blog.

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