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LED Tubing: Busada Provista Stratus

Eastman Chemical has a Spectar Blog. Spectar, is a copolyester used for many applications, one of them is for LED light diffusion and transmission.
Charles Busada - 18-Jan-2018
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Giant Bends for Spiral

Recently we received a request for some “giant elbows, about a 15 ft. radius to load material up a silo.
Charles Busada - 05-Jan-2018
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Clear CAB Tubing at Monticello

One of Monticello's most memorable features is the Great Clock, designed by Jefferson, built by Peter Spruck in 1792, and fully functional today.
Charles Busada - 03-Jan-2018
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LED Tubing Gets Some Culture

When the noted Adirondack Studios asked for a light diffusive tube for a “fire ring” I had no idea that it would lead to a trip to Chicago and some much-needed culture. I never thought that I would enjoy a 4 hour opera, (or a 4 minute opera for that matter) but it was fantastic.
Charles Busada - 06-Dec-2017
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