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Knock Knock Helix

The Knock Knock children's museum in Baton Rouge is set to open this August. We are delighted to have participated in one of the principle attractions, the pneumatic tube carrier exhibit.
Charles Busada - 28-Jul-2017
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Elbows for Caps

Angel hairs and tube abrasions are the nemesis of cap and closure conveyance.
Charles Busada - 11-Jul-2017
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Tight Radius Ubend

This 1" OD bend x .125w in CAB (butyrate) has a tight center-line radius of 2.5" with uneven tangents.
Busada Mfg. - 11-Jul-2017
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Checking Tubing ID

An electrical manufacture had a need for a small quantity of clear, transparent tubing sleeves for their line of ¼” wide blade-type quick connects.
Charles Busada - 26-Jun-2017
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