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Macro-algae bio-absorption filters

Pax Bellum contacted us regarding their macro-algae bio-absorption filters for the aquaculture and aquarium industry. The devices use a central light assembly consisting of a plurality of LEDs affixed to a water pipe or heat pipe.
Busada Mfg. - 23-Jun-2017
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Snake Bend

Recently one of our customers south of the border had difficulty moving cups through a complex space. We suggested eliminating multiple bends with snake and offset bends.
Busada Mfg. - 21-Jun-2017
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NPT Threading of Butyrate Pipe

We still get lots of calls regarding threading of butyrate Pipe. It's one of several ways to connect butyrate to PVC couplings. Threading is one of several ways to connect butyrate to steel or PVC flanges. Ardvark
Charles Busada - 20-Jun-2017
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Largest Graduated Cylinder

This 10" OD CAB Butyrate tube is welded to a butyrate base. It will be used to not only measure various liquids, but to monitor pressure ratings for water-tight components.
Charles Busada - 13-Jun-2017
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