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About Busada

A leading manufacturer of transparent butyrate tubing & pipe since 1951

Welcome to Busada Manufacturing

Busada Manufacturing Corporation is a pioneer in plastics. Founded and incorporated in 1951 Busada is now one of the nation’s leading producers of transparent butyrate tubing and pipe. We manufacture high-quality plastics tubing but specialize in transparent resins. Busada 200® rigid clear plastics tubing is our primary product. It is a versatile thermoplastic extruded from Tenite Butyrate, a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) compound. The unique properties of this material, in tandem with our manufacturing and quality control processes, make Busada 200® the preeminent choice for a range of demanding industrial and consumer applications. In addition to Busada 200®, we extrude, but are not limited to, PETG, PROVISTA, POLYCARBONATE, SPECTAR STRATUS, TRITAN and CLEAR PVC. We extrude tubing for high-temperature applications, for food applications with FDA approval, NSF Compliance, UVA stabilization, and antistatic baked-on coatings for static dissipation.

About Busada Manufacturing


Quality Control

We manufacture Busada 200® hollow transparent plastics tubing under rigidly controlled processing conditions. Manufacturing tolerances of ±0.010 inch are maintained on O.D.'s at any point on the circumference. Wall thicknesses are controlled to ±0.005 inch. In addition, clarity with minimum distortion is assured as Busada 200® rigid plastics tubing is extruded without inclusions, discontinuities, or other imperfections.

  • Transparent round & rectangular clear tubing for pneumatic and other conveyance systems
  • Banking and hospital systems
  • Core tubing
  • FDA and NSF compliant thermoplastic tubes for food transport
  • Specialty bends, wyes, ells and other fabrications to customized needs
  • Sight glasses
  • Valve stem protectors
  • Displays & exhibits – structural transparent plastic tubes
  • Rigid packaging tubes