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Algae Growth System

Clear, transparent, UV stabilized tubing has been, and is, a valuable tool in plant nutrition, hydroponics, fish farms, and algae growth systems. 

While this is still a work in progress, we were contacted by a graduate student to assist him in his research in a "Bio-reactor."

 The trick is that in order to make this reactor totally transparent we would not only have to make tight-radius bends (replacing the PVC injection molded elbows, but have a round tubing system transform into a rectangular system.


Busada Mfg is competent in more than extrusion. We have decades of experience in forming systems out of our tubing. 

We received a print that was designed for sheet-metal fabrication and went about to design a smoother transition out of a single tube.

Whether it be round to rectangular, rectangular to round, belling, pressure or vacuum forming, we are capable of those tasks. We are excited to await the final product, and when we do we will update.

Charles J Busada - 12-Mar-2021


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