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Bank Pneumatic Commercial

When we first received an inquiry into making tubing for a banking commercial we were amused.  And, from their animations, we knew that this was going to be fun.
The project had its challenges though. The production company had no experience in pneumatic conveying but they wanted some pizzaz in the commercial. For example, they wanted a banking carrier to drop in the center of an athletic stadium. The only problem was that they wanted a tight radius -- a really tight one. We chuckled when we saw that their generated image even showed the banking carrier bending inside the tube! So, we suggested that they get a rubber carrier :) a smaller carrier, or go with a larger radius. They wanted to keep the same-sized carrier, and so we gave them three options of how they could place the tightest-possible radiused bend to do the job.
They finally opted for a straight tube in a back yard. But we did make the bend pictured below.      In the end, all was well and we were glad to be a part of it.` I'm a dog person so my favorite part still is the back yard.

Charles J Busada - 26-Jul-2020


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