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Busada Core Tubing

Busada began selling oceanographic core liner tubing in 1958 for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. CAB tubing has stood the test of time for it is resistant to harsh environments, very transparent, and resists breakage in frigid environments.

Our tubing is clear, rigid, CAB (butyrate) and stocked in 10' lengths and 20' lengths (and can be cut down to order.) Please call the shop for minimums and shipping requirements. 540-967-2882

We can run core-sample tubing to order. If you need another dimension, please call the shop for a quotation and lead times. 

We can also run Polycarbonate to order.

OD  .060w .090w .125w
2" OD x x  
2.25" OD x x  
2.5" x x x
2.875 x x x
3 x x .x
3.25 x x x
3.5 x x x
3.75 x x  
4 x x x
4.5 x x .125
4.75 x x .125
5   x x

Charles Busada - 26-Apr-2017


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