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Busada Pneumatic Conveyor Tubing has Done the Job for 70 Years

Going through our file cabinets last week, we came upon this vintage gem. The candy-stripe uniform dates the photograph between the mid-50’s to early 60’s; but the tubing is not dated. Today, cup manufacturers essentially use the same method of pneumatic conveying through this same butyrate tubing. No longer do we have candy-striped ladies in packaging, for automation and robotics have taken those jobs. But CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) tubing remains the industry standard for over half a century for cup conveyance. Butyrate, known for its anti-static qualities (baked coatings available for static dissipation), its long-lasting transparency (UV stabilization), and low noise resonance still makes it the material of choice for conveying systems in cup manufacturing and bank systems.

Busada Mfg. - 31-Oct-2014


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