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Clear, Rigid Transparent Butyrate Pipe vs. Clear PVC Pipe

Busada extrudes Butyrate (CAB), and Tritan pipe in nominal sizes from ½” to 8” and in Sch 10, 40, and 80. We extrude other schedules to order.

The picture below is from a recent run of Butyrate 6” Schedule 80 Pipe. Our customer’s engineer was not happy with the tolerances he was getting from PVC pipe suppliers. He had a very tight tolerance on his ID. Our manufacturing process allowed us to provide a .432 wall average and hit spot-on his ID tolerances.

6” Schedule 80 Butyrate Pipe

We also produced this long-radius pipe bend (48” Radius, 90° with 12” Tangents) with a tolerance of +0-.125” flatness. A round bend is essential for his need as this tube will be used in tubular conveying.

6” Pipe, Schedule 80 90° 48” Rad Bend, 12” Tangents

For a demonstration of Butyrate Pipe vs. PVC Pipe clarity and transparency, here is a picture of 3” Schedule 40 PVC Pipe and Butyrate Pipe side by side.

The clarity and transparency difference between butyrate and clear PVC is obvious.

Butyrate Pipe vs. PVC Pipe

Charles Busada - 06-Apr-2016


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