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Dealing with Angel Hairs

Angel hairs in pneumatic conveyance is a longstanding problem. It certainly is not welcome in transparent tubing.

Angle hairs are described by Theile as "those fuzzy, fitful, filmy pieces of plastic that drive us crazy, and. there is nothing angelic about them." Any Google search on "Plastics Angel Hairs" will produce a host of good articles. Among them are Theile's "Avoid Those Devilish ‘Angel Hairs’" in Plastics TechnologyArticle: 8/23/2011. On our end, we have had many customers over the years ask us for advice. Recently one customer asked us if we had a special technology to polish the ID of the tube to eliminate their angel hair problem. We suggested, rather, not a polish, but a scarification of the tubing in their trouble spots (often in bends). When I was asked to suggest a scarification method I suggested a simple and inexpensive method.Scarify your tubing with a chimney-sweep brush attached to a rotary hand (or electrical) sewer snake. This will scarify your tubing at the place of the angel-hair formation (usually toward the beginning of a bend or at the entrance of hot closures into the pneumatic system).

To power the brush, get either a rotary hand sewer snake, or an electrical model. This will allow you to go deep into your system without dissembling it. 

Just remember that those fiberglass shafts can splinter so use gloves!


- 24-Feb-2017


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