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Escape Room Pneumatic System Mod

We had a request from an Escape Room manager to upgrade his Pneumatic Transfer System. There are many small systems out there that use PVC sewer pipe. It is an inexpensive tubing that does the basic job of moving a carrier vertically. But, a transparent section of tubing would put more pizzaz in the Escape Room environment. The problem is that sewer pipe does not come in transparent resins. 

With our extensive stock of large-diameter-tubing sizes, we were able to closely match the ID and modify couplings to make a smooth transition.  

We matched the ID with a stock 4-5/16 x 3-15/16 Clear Butyrate tube.

Our wall thickness, however, required that we modify the PVC couplings that are widely available. We used our belling machine and the transition was complete.

It was thumbs up.



Charles J. Busada - 10-Jul-2019


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