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Fabrication of Butyrate Tubing

Our customers often come to us with fabrication needs for their tubing. Our clear butyrate (CAB) tubing is a cellulosic that fabricates much like a medium-soft wood. Eastman has documents on fabrication, but we recently received a video from Cary Parks, a penny-whistle maker. Carey is a master of his trade with his flutes and whistles in international demand.

Carey purchases clear (or 'ivory') butyrate tubing from us and uses various dyes and solvents to color his tubing. Here is a line of black pennywhistles and his "Ghost Whistle" in clear CAB.   

Recently Carey posted a video on how he makes his whistles. It shows how he drills, cuts, polishes, dips, files, lathes, and more, his butyrate tubing.

Charles J Busada - 12-Mar-2021


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