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Flare vs Bell

The nomenclature of bells and flares varies throughout the industry. We follow a simple definition. 1) A flare is a sloping expansion of a tube. They assist in guiding an object or carrier into the pneumatic tube system.  Flares are usually defined by the ID, angle, and lengths.  FLARE

A bell is a coupling, an expansion of a tube to couple without a sleeve. The ID of a tube is expanded to its OD. The expansion is not sloping (as in a flare) but is parallel. Standard flares have a 2-3" transition and 3" parallel section.

BELL:  Bells are usually defined by their ID's and transition length.

We have several blogs on how to couple bells. Flares are not coupled; they are placed at the beginning and/or end of a pneumatic line.

We can flare or bell all of our transparent tubing products to your needs.

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Charles Busada - 18-May-2017


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