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Large LED Bends

LED lighting is everywhere, but LED tubing adds a new and beautiful canvas for high-end architectural lighting.   We supply LED bends of many shapes and sizes and the challenges keep coming.  Here is just a review of a few. We use a Provista PETG Stratus to make these lights.

Provista is an excellent choice for indoor lighting as it has ANSI/NSF compliance and a 94HB burn rating.

Regardless of the light intensity, the tube does not allow individual LEDs to be visible. This is even the case in 120W LED corncobs. 



       Here is the Stratus tubing handling a 125W LED corncob in an industrial setting. 

        It keeps the eye-stinging glare at bay and transmits nearly all the light. 


And one of my favorites, just because it is quite homemade.

 And this one is just surreal. This is not a computer image: it is a genuine photograph.



C. Busada - 08-Apr-2019


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