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Lensing in Transparent Tubing

Over the years many customers have purchased our tubing to use it in light-refracting studies or uses. One such use, recently, gave us quite the challenge. 

A customer had been using cast acrylic tubing, but due to the cost and also the crazing associated with the tube, wanted to use our Provista clear extruded tubing.

The problem for us would be to eliminate any lensing. We do a fine job with the clearest extrusions, but I explained to our customer that extruded tubing will never have the full clarity of cast.

Any variation, even up to 0.001" in the extruded tube can produce a lensing effect. 


To give an example, you need to carefully look at the black arrows pointing to variations (due to refraction) in the guitar tablature printed sheet. You may barely be able to see the refraction, and that is well and good. But, if the tube is turning, it becomes more apparent.

And so . . . Finally, to prove a point, here is a picture of an extruded tube marred by a broken gear box.  

Charles J Busada - 14-Feb-2021


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