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Offset Bends


Busada was one of the first plastics tubing and pipe manufactures to offer customers long radius sweeps, and we have done it for over 60 years. Before we had our advanced IR quartz heaters, we would use hot oil, salt, glycol, vermiculite and other nasty ways to heat the tube. In the 50’s we would bend a sweep “by eye.” Here is what we have been doing lately . . . much more than just the average 90° bend.


Do you need an offset bend?


If you do, simply provide for us a triangle. Tell us the vertical offset that you need, and the distance between your connection points. You can even specify the tangent. For example, if you wanted a 26" vertical offset with a distance of 60" and you wanted tangents of 10" and 7" we would provide you the offset based on longest possible radius.




Just send us the print.
Or draw it on a napkin.
We have the mighty Zephod Beeblebrox software.
We bring it to scale. Block it.





Heat it . . . you have an offset.
Ready for packing
and on the skid.

Charles Busada - 08-Sep-2015


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