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Sectioned Circular Bend

Whenever I hear of a "circle within a circle" I think of the bizarre description of deity in Ezekiel Chapter 1 (well, in his case it's a wheel within a wheel). In our case, it's a prototype.

 And it was a challenge. We were to produce an air-tight, water-tight sectioned bend with 3" OD tubing on a 15" CLR with a 180 Deg conduit on the outside.

We started testing ideas . . .  The tubing is cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) formula 576E.

The bend has sections . . .  and drew up prints.

Then came the circle. The bend was solvent welded with two caps on each section of butyrate sheet that we extrude in house.

So, it will be nice to know what this thing is designed to do!


Busada Mfg. - 10-Jun-2017


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